Project EuroStraNet


The early awareness of new technologies, upcoming technological and methodical trends and innovation is essential for making strategic decisions in enterprises and research. Trends may signal that technologies or related topics might be of great interest in the future or obsolete for future directions. The identification of such trends premises analytical skills that can be supported through trend mining, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Visual Analytics, simulation and economical approaches that validate the automatically detected or explored emerging technologies and innovations. Thus, the earliest trends or signals commonly appear in science, the investigation of digital libraries in this context is inevitable. However, digital libraries do not provide sufficient information for analyzing trends. It is necessary to investigate the entire digital data transformation, e.g. integrate data, extract information from the integrated data and provide effective interactive visual analysis tools. These data are just one resource that the European Commission will probably address in the new Framework as the current suggestions imply. The strategic alliance will therefore consider a variety of data and focus in particular on huge amount of data, streaming data and unexplored free data from social networks.

The main goal of this project is to create a sustainable European strategic alliance to foster European research and innovation in the area of Visual Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Simulation, Prediction and Planning of emerging technologies and innovations for business and eGovernance. The strategic alliance is set up for a long period and serves the purpose to discover continuously new opportunities to strengthen the European activities of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. It aims at investigating various European funding and networking opportunities and submitting proposals to the various European research‐related programs. This project targets networking activities to help setting up the strategic alliance.